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 The last however critical sheath (5 covering layers of a living being) is the Ecstasy Sheath. At the point when this sheath is revealed, not exclusively does the living being come extremely near God however that it becomes God Himself. The spirit is supposed to be a flash of God. Its definitive structure is Satya, Shiva, Separate and God also is called Sat (presence), Chit (insight), Anand (rapture). Both these states overflow with incomparable rapture. A definitive objective is to satisfy our lives, satisfied and delighted. 

At the point when the Euphoria Sheath is purged, an individual stirs his spirit intelligence and hence becomes God, from a decent person. Such an individual’s wonder is likened to that of God. This profound stance really is nectar of everlasting status. On accomplishing it the heavenly wonders of interminability, divine excellence, divine atmosphere and so on gives us the nectarine taste of eternality every second. 

Commonly a living being encounters servitude. Its organs of information give an extremely restricted taste and through the receptors of activity, it can store up exceptionally restricted material abundance. However in the profound openings of the internal character of a person falsehood such limitless possibilities but in seed structure that they relate to the forces of the whole universe. The gross world is its body and the unobtrusive world is its imperative power. The crucial power is more remarkable than the gross body. In contrast with noticeable material items, the imperceptible energy of warmth, sound, light, ether and so forth is more strong. In any case, when this imperceptible nature is contrasted with the inconspicuous world, the last is vastly more impressive.

At the point when one can enter that region or set up a solid bond with it, one’s impediments/subjugation is cut as under and in this way shows boundless force. We have the case of Extra Tactile Possibilities. Now and again we get uncommon encounters of their marvels. Be that as it may, in the event that we can enter this region all the more profoundly, on the off chance that we can uncover and acquire information on the utility force of these heavenly wonders, their uncommon nature can measure up just to acknowledged holy people (Sidhas). Really at that time would divinity be able to show in people and that we can see God in humanity. This state needs to overflow with preeminent ecstasy. 

The previously mentioned sentences say that both the outer and the internal unpretentious world have large amounts of endless heavenly sensations. There is no restriction to its joyful inclination. This is a reality. Obviously! It is something altogether unique that you didn’t profit because of fanciful thoughts. A musk deer neglects to understand that the aroma of musk is showing from its own body and consequently to smell it, the deer runs about to a great extent. At last it gets drained and continues to surrender, its “predicament”. In this manner one can’t fault God for one’s incorrect reasoning. Indeed God has filled us all with untold ecstasy, yet on the off chance that we shun discovering it inside ourselves and run about angrily in the outside deceptive material world, who is to be faulted? The flaw lies totally with the person who focuses on endless joy, while absurdly pursuing transient sense objects. 

The Ruler sent his oldest child for example regal man in this heavenly nursery called the world, to accomplish incomparable happiness. Here there are means and probabilities of euphoria. However on the off chance that we face difficulties, know without a doubt that it is the aftereffect of our mutilated and corrupted reasoning. Here rapture is our temperament and distress has been superimposed on it in a deceptive way. God All-powerful sent man in this world to encounter delight and not torment. If by some stroke of good luck man seriously tries to make this world further developed, well off and refined, he can stay joyful by conjoining to divine ecstasy served by the Master. For this achievement no colossal advance must be taken.

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