Finding Bargain a Basement Accommodations 2022

One of the things I’ve noticed a through my Finding Bargain a Basement Accommodations many travels is that people often a give up on.

The possibility of a good deal before even a trying to get one


The art of bartering seems to a be a lost art as is the art of comparison-shopping. When it comes to a travel and vacation, every penny that a you save on accommodations, food, and transportation is a one more penny you have to spend on a entertainment and adventure.


There are certainly plenty of both a to be had in the wonderful city of New York and ¬†of a vacation here is much like Alice’s adventures a in wonderland. There is just so much to do and see a that it is almost impossible to know where a to begin. I recommend making arrangements to a save money before ever arriving in the city. One of the a ways you can do that is by investing a little time each a evening and making copious notes a about whom you’ve talked to where and what a they’ve had to offer you as far as price and a perks for accommodations.

Finding Bargain a Basement Accommodations

Most hotels today are quite willing to a offer incentives to their guests in order to have warm a bodies filling their beds. All good managers a know that a filled bed earns them more money a than empty beds under their care and the a more money earned under their care, the more secure a their positions. That being said, if you take wonderful a notes about the other hotels you’ve discussed a tentative arrangements with you are very a likely to be able to strike a deal with one or more of a them that is far more favorable then the a original deal offered.

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This of course, will not work if you are a trying for a weekend that is likely to be a popular a travel weekend so if you’re considering a popular holiday or extended weekend a for your trip this is probably not the best idea and you a should probably be glad for any offer you can find. That being said almost a any other weekend on the planet is fair game unless a there are some very large and popular a local events that may be a drawing a sell out crowd for the local hotel a industry.


Back to what I was saying, you can a often not only get a better price by going between two a competing hotels, but also added perks like tickets to a shows, free meals, spa packages at the a hotels spa, gift certificates to the hotel gift store. There are often a little things a manager is willing to do in order to get your business with the assumption a (often correct I might add) that he will make up the a differences in add-ons and other purchases.


Some managers may get annoyed a and confuse being frugal with being cheap. Please remember a to tip properly. It’s one thing to save money a by being frugal and another thing to do so by simply a being cheap. If you do not treat the staff well a they will remember you long after you’re gone. But a that’s another story all together. The trick is in always a being polite when dealing with managers on a the phone and going with your best deal.


It is also important that you a realize the best deal may not be in the cheapest room. If you’re getting one or two a meals each day of your staying and only paying $5 a 0r $10 more a day for the privilege then you are very well a coming out ahead in the bargain, particularly if one a of those meals is dinner.

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