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 A human existence is a precious endowment of God. The Ruler doesn’t have a more prominent gift than this to give his dearest animals. Its strengths and possibilities are phenomenal to the point that its outcomes can just stun us. This gift has been given to us to satisfy divine objectives. In any case, it is our evil destiny that we have failed to remember our heavenly nature, God’s gift and the objective/significance of a human existence. Neither do we know our heavenly potential, nor the Ruler’s objective, astuteness or contemplation. We are wandering far away in this dull, bleak world. This neglect is unusual.

 Individuals for the most part neglect objects and furthermore what they have perused, heard and so on An individual whom we had known in the past is currently an outsider for us, since we have failed to remember him. However, it is uncommon to discover an individual who neglects himself. We believe ourselves to be a body with name and structure. We want what our psyche wants, we view the body’s necessities as our own need. The body and brain are the 2 wheels of the chariot of our life. However, we have completely failed to remember that we are the spirit and not the body. Presumably we hear on numerous occasions that the body is not the same as the spirit. 

In any case, it is extremely uncommon that somebody really encounters this reality. Furthermore, regardless of whether we experience it, it is in an exceptionally cloudy way. In the event that we see genuine reality and the contrast between the life-power and peripherals that shows in our cognizance, we will give prime significance to soul prosperity. We would give just that amount significance to material items as is required. Today we are strolling with feet without shoes and enrich our vehicles with ornaments of gold. We are kicking the bucket of appetite and give explained spread to vehicles. “We” signifies the spirit and vehicle implies body or psyche. The Master is serving his workers. It is for sure odd that he has failed to remember his obligation. Accomplishing THE SOUL’S Objective .

The objective of life is to accomplish self-satisfaction. This self-satisfied state must be at the degree of heavenly nature. To accomplish God, the brain ought to get focused on him. Prior to developing significant structures, their guides, plans and models are planned. A specialist, draftsman and so on will construct structures dependent on these models. A picture of God with his characteristics, exercises and nature is completed with the end goal of reflection. Therefore one encounters proximity, unity and a feeling of converging of God. This is the real essence of contemplation. 

The objective of genuine reflection is to recapture our lost memory with respect to our genuine nature. On the off chance that somebody ends up recovering it, it is certainly similar to a man emerging from an extremely unnerving dream. It is really at that time that one encounters a condition much the same as a youngster being lost in a monstrous group or like that of a lost the man memory of his character. Those going through such agony, experience an extraordinary misfortune and they hurt their precious ones. Since we have lost our memory (that we are the strong soul and not the body), our condition is pretty much as belittling as a child lion being raised in a group of goats. Thus we are offering torment to our real essence, which is eternality. 

The objective of Yoga of contemplation is to defeated loss of memory for example to stir to the way that we are the spirit and not the body. In that one recalls God and one encounters one’s spirit nature. The memory of the association of a living being (Jiva) and God (Brahman) is re-enacted and one encounters, that this extremely Heavenly Force contact was broken by us, is as a general rule our Heavenly Mother and Supporter. This as well as like the notorious wish-satisfying cow (Kamadhenu), it is incredible to the point that by drinking its nectarine milk, we accomplish godliness. By sitting in the shade of a wish-satisfying tree (Kalpavriksha) one can achieve anything. Subsequent to reaching, approaching that Heavenly Center, one doesn’t need anything and accordingly we can conquer a wide range of neediness.

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