Travel Tips to Germany 2022

Travel Tips to Germany, About the country Germany The Federal republic of a Germany is the most influential country of Europe.

It has witnessed the a most controversial facts of history like a Nazism, Holy Roman Empire and the building and demolition a of the Berlin wall. With many magnificent castles it has wealth a of art and culture. German is the widely spoken a language in German, but outsiders can find many a English speaking locals especially in the common tourist a destinations.

Weather Germany

The weather here is very unpredictable a as there is a possibility of rain almost all months, so carry clothes accordingly. April and May are a the months of spring which brings in full bloom of fruits and flowers. Months from May to a September have very fine weather with sunny skies and offers the best time a for traveling and site-seeing. People who have a passion for sports like swimming, hiking, and cycling can a have the best time here during these months. Winter sports can a be enjoyed at the resorts in the months from November to a early March. The temperatures are below a freezing and the days are too short (comprise of only six to eight months) in winter.

Local Customs Germany

Locals greet each other by handshaking a and saying Guten Tag. To say goodbye, people use Auf a Wiedersehen. Guests are expected to bring uncovered a and odd number of flowers, especially roses, when visiting someone’s home. The guests are a welcomed with either food or refreshments. At the table, hosts say ‘Guten Appetit’ to which the a guests should reply with ‘Ebenfalls’. Smoking should be better avoided in a public areas. Locals dress informally but certain a occasions like opera, theatre, certain restaurants and social functions a call for formal wear.

Electricity Germany

220 V, 50 Hz

Moving a Around

The best way to get around is to buy the a Welcome cards or the city passes which allows the customer to a access unlimited bus facility in many cities of Germany. It also gives special a offer on certain tourist attractions. For flexibility one can rent-a-car or a go for chauffer driven cars. Along with the rent, VAT a of 16% is payable. Car insurance should be available a before hand in case of any accident. The speed limit within a the cities is mostly 50kph and 100kph on the highways.
Nine stars

The nine stars of Southwest Germany a comprise of Baden-Baden, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Heilbronn, Mannheim, Pforzheim Stuttgart, and Ulm. They are a considered to be some of the beautiful cities of Europe. Each of the cities play a vital role in the a culture of Germany. Baden-Baden has few of the finest resorts and a also has Europe’s second largest opera and concert hall. Freiburg is known as a the historic city center and is famous for cobblestone a mosiacs, open streams and ancient alleys. Heidelberg has world famous a castles and Germany’s oldest university. Karlsruhe has the a famous museum Center for Art and Media. Look out for various amusements along the Nectar river of Heilbronn. Pforzheim is the a capital for watches and jewelry. Stuttgart is famous for theatres and a opera. Ulm is the birth place of Albert Einstein and is also house to a the world’s tallest hurch spire.

Travel Germany

The national airline that serves a Germany is Lufthansa. Bwelin-Tegel airport is situated at 8 km away a from the city and it takes about 20 minutes to reach there. There is a provision a of duty free shops, banks, post office, eateries, conference hall, and car hire a and tourism information for the passengers.

Another busy airport is the Frankfurt a airport which is located at 13km away from the city. Buses take a about 20 minutes to get there. Taxis are available a at any time. The Intercity railway network at the airport also a provides international services to Hungary, Switzerland and Austria. The facilities provided a here are duty free shops, left luggage, restaurants, banks, conference a halls, post office, car hire and tourism information. No departure tax a is levied on the passengers.

Those wishing to travel by sea can avail the a ferry connections to Finland, Lithuania, The a Netherlands, Latvia, and Norway.

Eurostar provides railway service to and from a Belgium, France and the UK. Booking can be made by telephone. The Inter-Rail offers unlimited a second class train travel within 29 European countries. The Eurailpass offers unlimited first a class train travel within 17 European countries.

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