Reasons To Use Heated Tile Flooring

Many newer homes are beautiful in the part because of a attractive tile flooring. One of the biggest drawbacks of this type of floor covering is that it gets extremely cold, no matter the season. While this can be almost pleasant in the summer, it is unpleasant at best during colder seasons. Many homeowners are choosing to get around this by using underfloor heating. A heated tile floor can be advantageous in a home for a number of reasons.

An obvious solution for the problem of a cold floor is carpeting. However, there are many places where carpeting is not practical or desirable, such as in kitchens and bathrooms. Heated tile floor can help homeowners get around the discomfort of cold floors without sacrificing beauty or functionality. Stepping out of the hot shower onto a frigid tile floor can be a jarring experience, no matter how many times you do it. Underfloor heating keeps the floor an even, warm temperature to avoid feeling shocked when getting out of the bathtub or when padding barefoot into the bathroom in the middle of the night.

For homes with small children, a heated tile floor can be a good option. Heat always rises, so electrical heating coils in the ceiling inadequately heat floors. Even with forced air vents in the floor, the hot air does not stay near the tile long enough to warm it. Underfloor heating provides an excellent way to get the heat where you want it by starting with it there. Some heat will naturally bleed off from the floor, but a majority of it stays down low, where children and pets are playing.

Skyrocketing energy costs are another reason that people might consider installing a heated tile floor. Instead of continually turning up the gas or electrical heat and wasting countless BTUs while still suffering through a cold floor, underfloor heating can provide just the right amount of heat to the specific area it is needed. In addition, radiant heating, like that provided in floor tiles, is often more efficient than the radiant heating that by which the air in homes is heated.

People simply enjoy warm feet, as the sales of slippers, fuzzy socks, and countless other items that aim to warm the feet can attest. Instead of swaddling themselves to the point of sweating and still facing cold extremities or wastefully cranking up the heat in their homes, switching to warmed flooring is an intelligent option.



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